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Slavek Pytraczyk
Born in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Lives & works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My artistic process revolves around the combination of multiple layers of imagery, with a particular focus on themes of urban decay and abandonment. These neglected spaces, often regarded as "eyesores," serve as prominent subjects in my body of work, as I seek to draw attention to what is commonly perceived as insignificant. By layering various images, I guide the viewer's gaze towards these overlooked spaces and structures, encouraging a fresh perspective and appreciation for their inherent appeal.

My artistic exploration extends beyond the boundaries of individual mediums, as I actively seek to explore the interplay between photography, painting, design, and public art. By blurring the lines between these different fields of practice, I challenge conventional artistic boundaries and create a unique visual language that combines elements from each discipline. This interdisciplinary approach allows me to push the limits of how different artistic practices can interact and influence one another.

Another significant theme in my work is the juxtaposition of factual elements with imaginative and symbolic imagery. By merging reality with elements of the imagination, I invite viewers to question the boundaries between truth and fiction, encouraging a deeper engagement with my artwork. This blending of factual, imaginative, and symbolic elements adds complexity and intrigue to my compositions, inviting viewers to contemplate the multifaceted nature of the world around them.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Alberta University of the Arts,


ArtMatch - Curated Canadian online gallery, Calgary/Toronto




Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

LoosenArt - Forgotten Places,  Group Exhibition, Rome, Italy (Oct. 2023)

Alberta Society of Artists - High/Low Solo Exhibition, Calgary Oct. 2023

Leighton Art Centre -21st Annual Juried Member's Show,Calgary 2023

Leighton Art Centre -20th Annual Juried Member's Show, Calgary 2022

Loft 112 Cards for Community, 2022

Leighton Art Centre -19th Annual Juried Member's Show, 2021
Kaffeeklatsch, 2021

THE GRAND, Calgary, Alberta, 2019​​

Britannia Merchants, Old Places, New Perspectives, Calgary, Alberta, 2016

THE GRAND, Calgary, Alberta, 2016

Movin' On Up, Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 2014




Paper Trail, Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 2013

Ville Fantome, Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 2013


Pauza, Krakow, Poland, 2011

22 Feet Out the Door, The Bows (Untitled Art Society), Calgary, Alberta, 2010


Professional Experience

Calgary City Centre Banner Artist (Upcoming, 2024)

Earls Kitchen +Bar Calgary South Centre, Commissioned Artworks, 2023

THE BLOX 1905 Project, Public Art Installations,  2022

Guest Lecturer Extended Studies Alberta University of the Arts, 2018

Assistant to Ian Baxter& for installation at the Art Gallery of Calgary 2009


Decagon Gallery, 2023

The Canadian Press News, 2023

F-Stop Magazine Open Call Exhibit, Issue #119, 2023

Calgary Citizen Throwback Thursday, 2023

Bait/Switch Magazine 2023

 Galleries West Magazine 2013

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer work at Wreck City, 2013


Taught elementary school workshop at St. Michael’s Elementary 2010

Scholarships & Awards

City of Calgary Micro Grant recipient, 2023

Jason Lang Scholarship 2006-2010

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