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Slavek Pytraczyk
Born in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Lives & works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My current process involves combining multiple layers of imagery often showcasing themes of urban decay and abandonment. These urban neglected spaces often seen as "eyesores" are prevalent in my current body of work where I attempt to call attention to what I consider insignificant spaces. By applying several images along side and over top of one another, I attempt to draw attention to spaces or structures that often are overlooked. The process of using multiple images often creates an abstraction or a less representational quality in my work lending itself to more a more imaginative narration, adding ambiguity to each piece.  Many of the formal elements in my work symbolic in nature and at some points self-reflexive, alluding to the notion that I am a painter despite of the fact that the image may not inherently look like a painting.

Another recurring theme in my work is exploring the theme of opposites and subject matter that may not usually be inherently found together in the same location or space. Natural or living elements vs. human made structures is an area that I continually am involved in placing together within my works. I often look at how these opposing subjects can cohesively be blended together, or how can they play off one another or whether I can create a harmony or tension within the image.

I am interested in exploring the relationships between photography, painting, design and public art, often trying to blur the lines of how these fields of practice interact. Combining images of factual elements with more imaginative or fictionalized imagery is a another theme that can be found within my work.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Alberta University of the Arts,

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Alberta Society of Artists - High/Low (upcoming 2023)

Leighton Art Centre -21st Annual Juried Member's Show, 2023

Leighton Art Centre -20th Annual Juried Member's Show, 2022

Loft 112 Cards for Community, 2022

Leighton Art Centre -19th Annual Juried Member's Show, 2021
Kaffeeklatsch, 2021

THE GRAND, Calgary, Alberta, 2019​​

Britannia Merchants, Old Places, New Perspectives, Calgary, Alberta, 2016

THE GRAND, Calgary, Alberta, 2016

Movin' On Up, Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 2014




Paper Trail, Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 2013

Ville Fantome, Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 2013


Pauza, Krakow, Poland, 2011

22 Feet Out the Door, The Bows (Untitled Art Society), Calgary, Alberta, 2010


Professional Experience

Calgary City Centre Banner Artist (Upcoming ,2024)

THE BLOX 1905 Project, Public Art Installations,  2022

Guest Lecturer Extended Studies Alberta University of the Arts, 2018

Assistant to Ian Baxter& for installation at the Art Gallery of Calgary 2009


F-Stop Magazine Open Call Exhibit, Issue #119, 2023

Calgary Citizen Throwback Thursday, 2023

Bait/Switch Magazine 2023

 Galleries West Magazine 2013

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer work at Wreck City, 2013


Taught elementary school workshop at St. Michael’s Elementary 2010

Scholarships & Awards

Jason Lang Scholarship 2006-2010

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